Insights from the zScout Launch on Product Hunt

Insights from the zScout Launch on Product Hunt


Launching a product successfully requires more than just luck or chance. It demands meticulous planning, strategic outreach, and a dedicated team. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the remarkable journey of Zintlr’s zScout launch on Product Hunt. From topping the charts as the #1 Product of the Day to exceeding all key performance indicators (KPIs), this article will provide valuable insights and a curated Product Hunt launch checklist that can help you achieve similar success.

  • Pre-Launch Preparation:

Setting the Stage for Success Before the actual launch, Zintlr took proactive steps to ensure a strong foundation. The team understood the importance of networking and establishing connections early on. By reaching out to people on LinkedIn and Product Hunt and building relationships well in advance, we were able to generate interest and create buzz around the upcoming launch. Building an audience and contributing to relevant communities played a pivotal role in garnering support and engagement.

  • The Power of Teamwork: Collaborative Efforts Yield Extraordinary Results

Zintlr’s triumph can be attributed to the collective efforts of our dedicated team. Despite lacking a background in sales, or marketing, we embraced the challenge and worked tirelessly to achieve our goals. This serves as a reminder that success is within reach for anyone, as long as there is a strong team working together towards a common objective.

  • The Launch Strategy: Combining Planning and Execution

Success rarely happens by chance. It requires a well-planned strategy and careful execution. Zintlr meticulously curated a launch checklist, ensuring that every aspect was accounted for. By focusing on what we could control and leaving less to luck, we positioned ourselves for a successful launch. Keeping our website updated and optimizing our Product Hunt post played a crucial role in presenting our product effectively.

  • Pick the Perfect Launch Day:

Maximizing Visibility and Engagement Choosing the right launch day is crucial. While Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are generally more competitive on Product Hunt, they also guarantee more traffic and engagement from users. However, be cautious about launching on the same day as major players like Google, Apple, or Facebook, as it may affect your ranking. Striking a balance between visibility and competition is key.

  • Launch Strategy: Independent or Collaborative Approach?

Deciding whether to launch on your own or with the help of a hunter is a strategic choice. Collaborating with a hunter provides the advantage of pre-scheduled launch timing and potential exposure to our followers. Launching independently offers more control but may require additional efforts to generate initial buzz. Evaluate the pros and cons based on your goals and resources. We launched it independently and yet achieved the end goal.

  • Special Offers for Launch Day: Driving User Engagement

To incentivize users to engage with your product on launch day, consider offering special promotions or discounts. This helps appreciate people who take time to stay active on Product Hunt and also helps your further launches as people stay keen on getting the right offer.

Key Results we achieved

Listing down the Metrics that Matter

The zScout launch achieved outstanding results, with several key performance indicators being surpassed. With over 3,000 leads generated, 1,400 unique footfalls across the globe, 300+ comments on the launch page, 200+ sign-ups, 150+ companies on-boarded, 30+ reviews on the launch page, and 20+ meetings scheduled, it is evident that our efforts paid off.
These metrics demonstrate the impact of a well-executed launch strategy.

Lessons Learned: Takeaways for Future Success

Reflecting on the journey, Zintlr’s launch provides valuable lessons for aspiring product creators. we learned the importance of building a network early, the power of teamwork, the significance of a well-planned launch strategy, and the value of focusing on controllable factors. Community support and active participation in relevant communities were instrumental in driving engagement and exposure.